Fashion Tips For A Girl With A Curvy Figure

Are you from those women who have a good figure and curvy body but are always glued with your boring black clothes in your wardrobe just because it’s the safest thing to do? Now it’s time for you to change your mentality and learn some lessons on styling and yank off those pieces of clothes that you thought are favourable for small or medium sizes. Let’s be creative and work with your style and stop thinking about what you can wear or what you cannot. Styling is art so let’s have fun with it by styling yourself and trying new things. For example, Maddy Brown She is a beautiful model and she amazes the audience every time with her beautiful outfits.


Styling Tips for curvy girls

Choose outfits that fit your body

Most women always choose considerable size clothes to hide problem areas of their body but they don’t know the bigger the size the more plumber you look. Rather choose the outfit that suits your body and shape. Choose comfortable fabrics that fit on your body and flatter the slimmer parts.


Beautiful waist belts

Waist belts are life Saviour’s. Wear waist belts that will underline your waist and describe your shape well and also give you a fabulous and wonderful look. But you don’t have to wear them too tightly because it will make an unseemly fat bulge.


Outfits with prints

Who says you can’t wear floral prints? You don’t have to avoid wearing prints as they can make a spirit of slimness and height. Floral and mild colour patterns look perfect and make your waist look slimmer.



Tailoring is every woman’s weapon. As it’s a simple way to create your version for any outfit. Give yourself a gift called ‘tailoring’. If you think that you’re not the idol size for an outfit then make it your size.


Choose the right Sleeves

If you are uncomfortable about your arms then choosing the right sleeves for an outfit will do. Choose them the way that your arms will look slimmer like bell-shaped sleeves because they fall around your arms and make your arms look good. The trick is to not choose the sleeves that finish around your bulkiest part.


Choose the right Shoes

Every outfit is incomplete without shoes. Choose the right shoes for your outfits that make your legs look longest like a classic pump that gives you a clean line and great look.


Carry the bag that suits you

You should carry the right size of the bag that not only suits your outfit but also describes your figure greatly. Someone said it right: small is good! But if you can’t see the bag at night it’s definitely small.

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