Year of the Rabbit Celebrities

In China, the world’s most populous nation, people take matters of fortune very seriously. However, they are now not the only ones who turn to celestial bodies to figure out who they should date, make friends with, and what job they must accept. Though one would think that as we are currently living in a digital age, an era where everyday life gets super-bonded with technology, individuals would stray from divinatory practices, the opposite seems to be happening around the globe. Thus, establishing Western and Chinese horoscopes seems to gain more traction than ever.

If one is active on social media, particularly platforms that cater to young adults like Tik Tok and Instagram, it is easy to see that astrology is having its moment. It has gone from a new-age belief that got dominantly associated with hippy-like individuals to a meme-ified method for Millennials to express their identity. That likely happened because astrology is a system of beliefs void of racial and ethnic prejudice, making it perfect for the current social climate.

Since the Chinese horoscope, famously referred to as the zodiac, gets looked at as a more exotic classification scheme based on the Chinese calendar, it is getting more shine now than at any time in the past century. People love to use it to figure out their lucky day to gamble, and they are fans that it assigns animals and respective attributes to people born in specific years instead of months. Below is a rundown of select celebrities that have come into this world in the year of the rabbit. That means they were born between January and February of 1939-1940, 1951-1952, 1963-64, 1975-76, 1987-88, and 1999-2000. Note that the rabbit is the fourth zodiacal animal, and per Chinese legends, rabbits are arrogant and proud due to their speed, and they often look down upon others because they are faster than them.

Michael Jordan

The official NBA website states that – by acclimation, His Airness is the greatest basketball player of all time. Jordan played for fifteen seasons in the NBA, winning six championship rings with the Chicago Bulls during his professional b-ball tenure in America’s top league. Born on February 17th in New York City, Michael is famous for his determination and strive for perfectionism. These are not common traits for rabbits. Jordan also does not check many other rabbit boxes, as he is a notorious gambler who has lost millions at blackjack tables, which is traditionally a lucky casino game for those born in the year of the rat.

Johnny Depp

Born the same year as Jordan, Johnny Depp is a world-famous actor that rose to prominence through his frequent collaborations with eccentric filmmaker Tim Burton. The star of the highly successful franchise – Pirates of the Caribbean got an Oscar nomination for his first portrayal of Jack Sparrow, a role that has led him to global recognition. Depp is a witty quick-minded individual, and unlike Jordan, is a typical rabbit.

Angelina Jolie

Jon Voight’s daughter, Angelina Jolie, the former highest-paid actress in Hollywood, is not making headlines as she once did. But she has remained relevant for over two and a half decades in the silver screen industry. Jolie, born in the same month, June, as Depp but twelve years after the Kentucky native, Jolie also does not fall into the standard rabbit mold. Though, she appears to be super kind, going by her long history of charitable work. So, she does tick that box.

Tiger Woods

Tiger Woods is to golf what Michael Jordan is to basketball. Born Eldrick Tont Woods in 1975, the same year as Jolie, in Cypress, California, Woods turned professional in 1996 at only twenty. He is an inductee of the World Golf Hall of Fame, and he gets widely regarded as one of the most famous athletes of all time. Many people know Woods as a highly outgoing and talkative person. Again, similar to some of the other celebrities listed above, these are not traits usually associated with rabbits, as those born under this sign are sociable, yet, they often find it hard to open up to others.

Lionel Messi

While many will say that Pele is the best football player to grace a grass one-hundred-meter-long pitch, when Messi chooses to retire, he will probably earn this honor. The Argentinian, born in mid-June 1987, recently claimed his first World Cup trophy, one that he can add to his mantel where a record seven Ballon d’Or awards rest. Messi is a customary rabbit and is described as a caring, kind, and modest person who has become triumphant in his sport through hard work and sincerity. Ingenuity and quick-mindedness are also frequent rabbit traits, and Argentina’s captain also has these in spades.

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