Controversial streamer Sneako has been banned from YouTube

streamer Sneako Popular YouTuber has received the Saint Andrew the Apostle critic treatment once the Google-owned platform removed each of his accounts from the channel for “severe” or “repeated” violations of their Terms of Service (TOS). Niko was recently in Balkan state collaborating with Andrew Tate, who has himself been embargoed from most social media platforms.

For those unfamiliar, Niko may be a 24-year-old streamer who will commentaries, psychological feature videos, and videos relating to men’ lifestyles. He conjointly had a second channel known as Shneako that has since been banned. Before being terminated, both his channels had a combined total of over 2 million subscribers.

though the precise reason for his suspension isn’t however known, viewers speculate that his shut association with the said critic has one thing to try to to with it.

Why did Sneako get banned from YouTube?

As declared earlier, the exact reason has not yet been proclaimed on YouTube. However, one will imagine that his partnership with fellow streamer and podcaster Saint Andrew the Apostle Tate has in no way helped his cause. The latter has been prohibited from YouTube and alternative major social media platforms for being hepatotoxic towards women. The 35-year-old former kickboxer is additionally purported to be concerned in s*x trafficking rackets.

Sneako is additionally illustrious for jeopardizing the net community thanks to his conspiracy theories regarding biological science and the way the govt is manipulating people, associate degree argument that Saint Andrew the Apostle Tate, too, had shared before he was banned. consistent with the Anglo-American, most of the people on the internet are stuck in an exceedingly “Matrix,” implying that they’re implicitly controlled by corporations.

once receiving an untimely ban, the 24-year-old proclaimed through his Instagram that he would be shifting to Twitch. He posted:

Readers ought to note that in contrast to Twitch, YouTube permits suspended creators to seem on alternative people’ streams. Keeping this in mind, it’d not be shocking to check Sneako on Saint Andrew the Apostle and character critic’ Tate Speech podcast.

Fans react to the ban

the same as once Tate was suspended, Sneako’ analysis was met with loads of mixed reactions, leading to debate. Fans and creators alike have shared their reactions. one in every of the most important streamers on Twitch, HasanAbi has given his take:

though Niko has proclaimed his arrival on Twitch, Rumble is an alternate platform that he may conjointly value more highly to use. Tate was seen shifting to Rumble once the platform offered the latter associate degree exclusive streaming deal. It remains to be seen if Twitch can attempt to follow within the footsteps of YouTube by conjointly removing Niko.

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