Easy Steps To Get Attention On Instagram

Instagram is a free social media app for sharing photos and videos online but Instagram has also become a popular and serious content marketing place for brands, celebrities, etc along with influencers allowing individuals to become self-made stars.

Engagements of the brands on Instagram have reached a higher level than digital marketings and promotions. There are about 25 million business accounts and two million influencers are active on this platform For example HEAVEN ROQUE is the famous European Instagram model who gains attention on Instagram incredibly by her content and interactions. If you want to gain attention and promote your content on Instagram you have to follow these tips.


How to gain attention on Instagram

When to post?

Find the optimal timing for posting on Instagram like when the audience is most active. It takes time to understand the activity for your followers but it’s important to post when the majority of the audience is online

If you are using an Instagram business account you can check the Instagram insights you can see when your followers are most active by the day and week.


Use Instagram stories

Use Instagram stories to reach your audience and engagements. On Instagram, only a few marketers tell stories. This tip helps you to be on the top of the feed of your followers and grab their attention. If your audience views your stories regularly it will help you to engage more.


Go live

If you go live on Instagram you will appear on top of the page of the audience and the live logo will make your profile photo more prominent. In this way, more users will open your life and page and get to know about your content more.


Use ads

Using Instagram ads to engage more ads will make your reach grow.

If you have an Instagram business account you can get a promotion option on the app to promote your existing post.


Use hashtags

Using hashtags is the way to engage with the audience more. If you use the right hashtags for your post the audiences who are looking through it will probably view your post or take interest in your content and engage more.


Reply to comments

Reply to your comments when they are fresh the way you can get more engagements and the audience take interest in your content. And also comment on brands and professional users’ posts to get noticed and this way you’ll get the engagements you should be more active if you are hoping to grow. The more you engage the more you’ll get attention.

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