Exercises To Get Hourglass Body

The hourglass body is rare. We only get to see it in magazines, ads, billboards and influencers and celebrities posts For example, Famous beauty model BREE CHEYENNE is known for her beautiful body with curves.

It’s good to get an hourglass body like them but it’s not necessary for your health.

It’s important to know that the perfect bodies we see in ads, magazines and photographs are not what you see. They don’t have those perfect measurements. They use expensive cosmetic procedures, the best trainers and the best editors to get that hourglass figure. The goal is to get healthier or if you want to get a curvy body with health then you should follow these exercises.


How to get a curvy body?

Do yoga every day

If you want to whittle down the inches of your waist then you should try yoga

12 weeks or more then it will lose your 1.5 inches waist without going on a low-calorie diet. Yoga poses like bow pose, boat pose and reverse warrior can lose whittle down your waist quickly and tighten your muscles.



Planks can trim your waist and activate your core and also improve your strength for walking and running.


High-intensity workout

A high-intensity workout is great to lose your belly and burn down a lot of calories but you have to do a short-term cardio workout like fast running and walking for 15 to 20 minutes. This will greatly help you to get in shape.


Squats are great

Squats can help strengthen your lower body and help tone your muscles and shape your thighs. Squats are more mandatory if you are trying to shape your hips and build your body strength. Try to do 10 to 12 squats every day to get in shape.


Fire hydrants

Fire hydrants are a great exercise and are also known as dog exercises or slide lifts that target your hip locale and glutes. Try to do it 10 times or more in a day to get your lower body in shape.


Wall presses for shoulders

Wall presses are a great exercise that is good for your shoulder. Wall presses target your shoulders and the beauty bone too and tighten your back muscles. Wall presses are also called ‘ Wall pushups’. Try to do it in sets like 10 to 15 times a day for your upper shoulder to get in shape.



Studies show that push ups do a great job of activating your muscles. Push Ups target your whole body and are a great way to tone your shoulders as well. Try and make it fun by challenging yourself. Do 5 a day and increase it by adding 1 every day in this way you’ll be able to see quick results.

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