How to Resolve Microsoft Office Error Code 268d3

Microsoft Office applications are widely used to increase efficiency in service, work environment, as well as in household tasks. Using this tool, you can deal with email solutions, prepare spreadsheets, and shop information. It provides important tools like MS Excel, MS Word, MS PowerPoint, etc. However, despite such exceptional features, it has some major and minor drawbacks. Microsoft error code 268d3 is one of them, which is quite common among customers. Often, this fault code indicates that the gadget has indeed been infected with malware or a virus.

Therefore, in Microsoft-based systems, it may pose a threat to the personal information stored therein. This may include login/password, bank card details, as well as other useful information. If you are currently dealing with the same scenario and trying to find ways to resolove the microsoft bootstrapper has stopped working then this write-up might help you. In this message, apart from some reliable hacks, we are going to tell all the important information related to Microsoft’s Error. For this reason, read this complete post as well as try to tackle the mistake in no time.

Common Reason for Microsoft Office Error Code 268d3

There are some common incidents from which you can easily identify this Microsoft mistake. Most affected users have experienced a similar situation when receiving Microsoft Error Code 268d3:

  • The process of mounting MS Workplace can quickly stall.
  • Microsoft fault constantly flashes on the display screen.
  • The efficiency of the system breaks down.
  • Your system reacts slowly to the mouse as well as keyboard input.

Steps to Resolve Microsoft Office Error Code 268d3

Right here, in this area, you will get acquainted with the various solutions to fix this mistake from Microsoft. Try taking them apart until you discover the appropriate technique to fix fault code 268d3.

Inspect Antivirus Application

If you detect this error while upgrading or installing Microsoft Workplace, it may be a result of network and firewall restrictions. In such circumstances, you need to evaluate third-party programs, if any kind of mount has been done.

Step to Disable Antivirus Applications:

  • First, tap on the Antivirus application which is located on the lower-right edge of your Windows desktop.
  • Then most likely on the tab of “Change Settings”. Under this section, select the option “Real-time scanning” from the menu that appears.
  • After that, select the Disable/Turn off option.
  • Now, you can define when you want to return to antivirus again.

After performing this action, reboot your tool to preserve the new changes. Confirm if the fault is eliminated.

After disabling the anti-virus application, if the error still appears, uninstall the application temporarily. After you’ve dealt with the mistake, you can reinstall it.

Steps to Uninstall Antivirus Software Program:

  • Click on Start Symbol. Then, go to the “Settings” tab. Under the Setup Home window, choose System from the menu displayed.
  • Afterward, navigate to the “Applications and Functions” area. In this field, you need to find the troublesome antivirus software program and select the “Uninstall/Remove” option.
  • Currently, click on that option as well as press the OK button to validate the process. When the process is over, reboot your device and observe if the error is resolved.
Run an Anti-Malware Scan

If your gadget has been corrupted by malware or virus then Microsoft error 268d3 can be caused by this attack. In this case, you can use any reliable antivirus software to check your gadget.

You can also use Windows Defender, a built-in application with every version of Windows, to correct this mistake.

Actions to run Windows Defender Scan:
  • First, release “Windows Protector Security Center”.
  • Then most likely in the area of ​​”protection against infection and danger”.
  • After that, hit the link for “Advanced Scan”.
  • Select the “Full Scan” option from the line-up home window.
  • Last but not least, hit the “Check Currently” option to start the scanning process.

Remove Scraped Data from your Tools

Junk documents accumulate in your device’s storage. This can, generally, trigger various problems including this Microsoft error.

For this reason, you need to eliminate unnecessary data associated with Microsoft Office. This will not only eliminate this mistake but will also help your system run smoothly. To clean junk files from your device, follow the steps below.

  • Find and touch on the Start icon also. Then in the search dialog box create “Command Prompt”. Instead of pushing the “ALRIGHT” switch, press the Ctrl+Shift combination of keys. Now hit the “Get In” secret to continue further.
  • Here, you will find the approval discussion box which will surely be presented on the display. Write “Cleanmgr” in the proposed field and hit the “Enter” switch. As soon as you perform this activity, Disk Cleanup will begin performing system cleaning tasks.
  • Select the options checklist in the Discussion box and select the data you want to remove. Press the “OK” button twice to complete the cleaning process. Now, reboot the tool to allow the new adjustments to take effect.

Reset Web Browser to Default Setup

Resetting your browser to the default setup may be another supposed way to conquer Microsoft’s mistake. To wage this process, go through the following actions.

Step to Reset Microsoft Edge Browser
  • Tap on the three dots symbol located in the right corner of the window.
  • Browse to Settings as well as select the option “Clear browsing data”.
  • Click on the option named “Show More” as well as select all the data categories provided there
  • Strike the Clear option as well as the OK switch.
Step to Reset Google Chrome Browser:
  • Hit the 3 upright dots then scroll down to select the “Advanced” option.
  • Afterward, go to the Reset section as well as tap on the “Reset” switch to start the resetting process.
Step to reset Mozilla Firefox Browser:
  • Consume Mozilla Firefox and launch the Internet browser’s menu.
  • Navigate to the Help area as well as select “Troubleshooting Details”.
  • Tap on “Firefox Refresh” from the menu shown.

Repair Computer Registry Entries

Damaged Windows registry entries can also be responsible for Microsoft error code 268d3. If you are facing this error because of this reason, then try to fix the computer system registry entries. Here are the steps that must be followed to repair computer system registry entries:

  • Primarily, launch the “Computer System Registry Editor” window. After that, get rid of all previous registry keys that restricted the installation of the latest version of Microsoft.
  • After performing this step, look for HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software Program\Microsoft\Workplace. Once you find it, go to 11.0, 12.0, 14.0 as well as 15.0.
  • Search for HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software Applications\Wow6432Node\Microsoft\Office and find the appropriate versions for your OS. Additionally, you need to reset the DWORD value from 0 to 1 in the Office Common Pc registry folder.

Make sure Repair Registry access to following things:

  • License Server
  • License Server Redirection
  • Enable Auto Expand DLs
  • Passport Auth Provider

Reinstall Microsoft Office

If you are still getting the same error, then uninstall the MS Office application from your tool. Still, if you are not familiar with the steps, then follow the area below.

  • Tap on the Beginning icon and select “Control Board” in the Browse field. Currently, in the Control Panel window, select the “Programs and Features” option.
  • Under the list of programs, find Microsoft Workplace. Right-click on it and hit the “Uninstall/Remove” button.
  • When the uninstallation is complete, reboot your device. Currently, go to the official website of Microsoft Office and search for the latest version of this program. Afterward, download and install it using the on-screen instructions.

In the above section, we have mentioned some really reliable methods that have been shown to take care of error code 268d3. Hopefully, after following the above methods, you will definitely be able to resolve this fixed Microsoft Office Error.

If you face any problem after that then drop your issues while implementing the repair in the comment section below. Additionally, keep following our blog posts to get more posts related to Microsoft.


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