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imani showalter

Whether you’re a die-hard basketball fan or you’ve never watched a game, you’re bound to know that Imani Showalter is one of the best players of all time. He’s been a part of four NBA teams, and he’s the only player ever to win the MVP award in both basketball and baseball. Now, he’s the head coach of the Los Angeles Clippers. His nickname is “The Hammer,” and he’s gotten good press for his work as a coach, including a Sports Illustrated article that noted his “unorthodox style.”

Stephen Jackson

During the early 2000s, Imani Showalter was a part of a New York based girl group. She was then engaged to NBA player Stephen Jackson. They were scheduled to marry in 2005. But on their wedding day, Stephen Jackson left Imani at the altar. He was later found to have abandoned her.

Jackson and Imani Showalter dated for more than a decade before their relationship ended. After the break up, Showalter moved to Los Angeles for a fresh start. She has since kept a low profile. She has two children from Jackson. She has also been linked to gospel superstar Marvin Sapp.

Stephen Jackson has reportedly been paying child support to five different women. He also created a prenuptial agreement with his mother. It’s unclear if Showalter signed the document, but she might be able to prove it in court.

The former NBA player and Imani Showalter were engaged in August 2005. Stephen Jackson asked Showalter many times to sign a prenuptial agreement, but she refused. She refused to sign until the day of their wedding. Ultimately, Stephen Jackson called off the wedding because of her refusal to sign.

Basketball Wives: LA cast

During the first season of Basketball Wives: LA, Imani Showalter was one of the cast members. This show follows the lives of wives of famous basketball players. It is a spinoff of the original Basketball Wives series.

Imani Showalter started her career as a singer with a New York-based group. She later moved to San Antonio, Texas with her husband, Michael Jackson, a retired NBA player. They met in New York. Showalter had two children with Jackson. They were engaged for 10 years. However, the relationship fell apart. Showalter’s ex-husband, Stephen Jackson, was the only one who called off the wedding. They were still sleeping together.

Before she got on the show, Imani Showalter had been dating gospel superstar Marvin Sapp. She attended Sapp’s church in Grand Rapids, Michigan. This was last fall. It appears that Imani Showalter prefers real life over reality television. She doesn’t reveal much about her family and education.

Prenuptial agreement

Despite their history together, Michael Jackson and Imani Showalter were never able to consummate their wedding vows. The pair were engaged for almost 10 years and a recent “All the Smoke” podcast revealed the couple were not exactly down the aisle.

Despite the fact that Jackson and Showalter reportedly slept together, the pair did not stray far from each other’s sides. As a result, the two dated for a total of nine years, during which time they each had two children. Eventually, Showalter left her life in the rearview mirror and moved to Los Angeles for a fresh start. She has kept a low profile since leaving the show and is now sporadically active on Instagram.

Although the prenuptial agreement has been rumored to be a total bust, Jackson claims that he was at least aware that it was non-existent. However, he claims that he woke up on their wedding day with anxiety over the non-existent pact. Despite this, he continued to plan their big day. He even partied it up with the groomsmen and stayed at their wedding venue. He even asked a family friend’s nanny about the prenup.

Marvin Sapp

During the first season of the hit reality show Basketball Wives: LA, Imani Showalter was a vocal member of the cast. But she has since stepped away from the show. Now, she’s dating gospel star Marvin Sapp.

Marvin Sapp is a Grammy-nominated gospel recording artist and pastor of the Lighthouse Full Life Center Church in Grand Rapids, Michigan. He has a wife, MaLinda Prince Sapp, who died of colon cancer in 2010. He’s also a father of three children from a previous marriage. He recently filmed a pilot for an upcoming reality show.

He first met Imani Showalter at a choir competition last year. She is also a former gospel singer. She’s been spotted at various events with Marvin, including the Stellar Gospel Awards in Nashville during Martin Luther King Jr. Weekend.

Marvin and Imani have been inseparable since then. They’ve recently traveled together to Chicago and to his church in Grand Rapids. He’s even flown her to various engagements.

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