TikTok Applauds Skateboarder’s ‘Life Hack’ for Dodging Spirit Airline Fees

Even celebrities aren’t resistant to the hassles of air travel.

A pro-Skateboarder’s ‘Life goes infective agent on TikTok for what one commenter is looking “malicious compliance” whereas associate degree attempt|attempting} to board a Spirit Airlines flight, however Shaun Hover wasn’t exaggerating once he captioned the video, “Never let @spiritairlines understand your next move,” skilfully avoiding extraneous carry-on fees.

The TikTok gave the impression to begin within the middle of an in progress speech between Hover and gate agents while getting ready to board his flight. once the camera started rolling, Hover was standing at the counter together with his skateboard in hand. “What is it, $90?” he asked.

“$89,” a gate agent confirmed.

“$89,” Hover repeated. “Because it doesn’t slot in here.” He took the skateboard over to the bag activity station, slippery the deck into the gap to indicate that it decorated over the sting on every side. “Okay.”

He removed it from the slot and set it on the ground. “Here we have a tendency to go, this could do the trick,” he aforementioned before lifting his right leg and stomping the center of the deck, cracking the board. He collapsible it in half, snapping it the remainder of the way. “All right,” he said, moving it into the activity station to indicate that it had been currently at intervals the printed size, adding, “How’ that?”

“That was unnecessary, Sir,” the gate agent replied, however commenters disagreed. when all, Hover was simply being economical; his wheels and trucks are dead intact, and a replacement deck ought to solely run him regarding $50 max.

to not mention the actual fact that, whereas the skateboard ran a touch long, its breadth left many empty assigned space.

“Bruh my keep it up takes up a lot of area than that each time,” one commenter said.

“ALL THAT additional house UP prime TOOO Ohio BROTHER,” another agreed.

to not mention the audacity of the offense confiscate the broken board.

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“‘That was unessential sir'” just like the board belonged to them or one thing 😂,” one viewer laughed.

“Apparently $89 is an appropriate fee for a skateboard however refusing to pay it and creating diversifications is ‘unnecessary, sir,'” another said.

“They act like the $89 was going directly into their pockets,” another chimed in.

One person said, “I like how they act all offended for you life hacking that situation,” however another detected that the life hack technically still bust the rules.

“technically you’re allowed only 1 keep it up item and you simply turned it into 2…” they noted.

within the two days since the clip was uploaded to his account, it’ already racked up 12.3 million views and 1.8 million likes. Not all spirit workers could are affected together with his resolution to the travel hangup most will most likely relate to, but a minimum of one was.

The clip flashed to Hover sitting onboard the craft together with his children. “One of the stewards simply came around and handed Maine these,” he said, showing off packages of peanut M&Ms and Haribo mucilaginous bears. The flight attendant reportedly apologized for what happened at the gate, and his kids reaped the benefits.

At their destination, he recorded himself taking his shattered board out of the overhead bins permanently measure. regardless of what, you can’t deny his flair. “I saw this on the new Tony Hawk video game!” somebody else joked. “Style points for sure.”

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