5 Must-Follow Skin Care Tips Before Applying Makeup

Want a flawless makeup look? You have to take care of your skin to achieve this. We all have seen people looking gorgeous with makeup on. But don’t you get furious thinking why they look amazing with makeup and the makeup you do, doesn’t look that good. The main reason for makeup not to look good is that we don’t focus on the process of face care before applying makeup. We need to prepare our faces in the right way. Have you seen TikTok star, Claudia Garcia, as she also puts on makeup and then makes videos for her TikTok and appears unbelievably gorgeous?

However, Radiant skin, sculpted cheekbones, shining eyes, and nourished lips are just a few examples of the face care routine before applying makeup. Here are six simple ways to prep the skin before makeup application that would work well enough in the beauty community for both everyday and special occasion looks.


Skin prepping tips for a flawless makeup

Cleanse your face

Use lukewarm water to rinse your skin. To help balance out your skin tone, use a gentle and light cleanser. This would also aid in the softening of your skin. The first step to prep your face for makeup is to choose the right cleanser. But if you have sensitive skin don’t use a cleanser that contains glycolic acid ax it may make your skin irritated. You need something gentle to make your skin smooth.


Exfoliate the skin

Would you want your makeup to have a cakey appearance? Enough that, take away the major cause of this cosmetic disaster: get rid of those dead skin cells immediately! Exfoliation is the process of revealing the new, clear texture underneath.


Apply toner/serum

When you’ve already exfoliated the face thoroughly, add a toner or serum and let it dry for several secs. Toner is good for individuals who have pimples, whereas serum moisturizes the face and is good for those who have dry skin. This is indeed a stage that we often overlook, yet it is crucial.


Eye cream is a must

It hydrates and smoothes out the skin complexion surrounding the eyes, making you appear freshly relaxed. Your eye cream, like serums, should be light and airy. Because the skin around your eyes is delicate and soft, apply your eye cream accurately to even out imbalanced skin color.


The last step is to apply primer

Primer acts as a deterrent to keep your creams and skin’s natural oil in harmony from interacting with the makeup. Primer creates a smooth canvas for applying makeup. Primer, therefore, functions as a shield, filling in any creases in your skin and preventing your makeup from wrinkling.

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