Steve Harvey Shocked By Kristin Chenoweth’s Viral NSFW Answer on ‘Celebrity Family Feud’

The actress had a chance to redeem herself, but she blew it.

One episode of Celebrity Family Feud quickly became not-so-family-friendly after actress and singer Kristin Chenoweth blurted out a very not suitable for work (NSFW) response under pressure.

During the episode that originally aired on Aug. 14, the Broadway star battled it out against fellow actress and comedian Kathy Najimy for the $25,000 grand prize donation to the charity of their choice.

But the show took a turn when the 54-year-old Tony award winner gave a jaw-dropping response to the question posed by the show’s host, Steve Harvey.

“After the lips, what is your favorite part of a man to kiss?” Harvey asked.

Chenoweth didn’t hesitate to slap the buzzer before she replied: “Rhymes with [bleep]

While the clip censored what the Holidate and Keeper of the Ashes cast member said, it was enough to warrant a roar from the audience, laughter from her co-stars and absolute silence from Harvey.

“I’m sorry,” Chenoweth wailed, after attempting to walk off stage out of shame.

“I’m a good Christian girl, forgive me.”

According to the official Family Feud YouTube video, the illicit response rhymed with the word “heinous.”

Chenoweth’s response was not included in the top six answers given by a group of 100 women as polled by producers; which must’ve came as a big shock to the star, who just smirked it off.

After the round went to Najimy, Chenoweth could be seen mouthing “I’m sorry” to the members of her team. But it wasn’t enough, as her opponent landed on the board in her first attempt–and the three following.

“You go stand right over there, young lady. You stay right over there, young lady,” Harvey told Chenoweth as he directed the star over to her team’s side of the studio.

“I will, I will,” she whined.

“Nicest woman I’ve ever met. Oh my God, I can just tell you’re a wonderful person,” Harvey gushed before he broke out into hysterics over Chenoweth’s bleeped-out response.

“Welcome to Sunday Night TV, folks,” he joked.

After the audience was done laughing and Najimy’s team failed to guess all six correct answers, it came time for the host to re-ask Chenoweth that question.

Harvey turned to her and said, “Can we ask anybody else?”

As he repeated the question, Chenoweth giggled before pausing to think it over. This time, the actress offered a much more PG–but still incorrect–response.

“Hand?” Chenoweth’s voice cracked before being met with the buzzer of defeat.

At the end of the segment, Harvey revealed the two popular but overlooked responses which included a man’s shoulders and back.

Celebrity Family Feud airs Sundays at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.

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