Eddie Munson and the Stranger Things Backlash has begun on TikTok

some Stranger Things fanatics are over the Eddie Munson hype on TikTok. Ever because the Dungeons and Dragons-gambling metalhead confirmed up in season 4, the app has performed host to tributes, cosplay creations, limitless remixes of “Chrissy, Wake Up”, and more, and now subscribers have commenced lashing out over the character`s dominating presence.

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As spelled out in a file via way of means of Rolling Stone(opens in new tab), TikTok person Naomie Lapointe lately published clips of her time at a Chicago-primarily based totally comedian expo, which caused a run-in with the anti-Eddie crowd. At the event, she became dressed up as Steve Harrington – proper after he receives attacked via way of means of Demobats withinside the Upside Down – however controlled to discover a myriad of Munsons at the day, and filmed herself making a song and dancing with the lot of them.

Less than 24 hours after the video went live, the 24-year-antique obtained replies that claimed “‘new fanatics’ have been ruining the show” and that “cosplay is so cringe.” Lapointe advised the book that the remarks left her feeling a little “discouraged”, and she’s now no longer the best person who has been situation to mean-lively gatekeeping.

Sapphire(opens in new tab), a 19-year-antique singer-songwriter, became pressured to show off the remarks on all of their “Eddie Baby” posts after their track ‘Eddie’s Song’ became launched on Spotify. Referencing Eddie’s tragic loss of life at the show, it talks approximately the grief felt via way of means of Steve and Dustin (Henderson), who held Eddie (Joseph Quinn) as he bled out his Demobat bites.

“I’m sorry however I pass over 2019 Stranger Things fandom proper now,” one character wrote on a video, consistent with Rolling Stone. “He became gift for ONE season,” stated other one.

The backlash hasn’t long past overlooked on different social media structures either. “I can’t acknowledge however humans on TikTok are denouncing the alien Things following as a complete merely B.C. many lady wrote a fansong for Eddie Munson. None of you would’ve survived broadwaystuck,” one Twitter person tweeted.

“Every time I stumble upon a TikTok roughly hating Eddie Munson cosplayers, I merely block them.tapping ‘now no longer interested’ isn’t sufficient,” stated another. “I want to dam them and by no means see them onther time. Let [people] revel in fandoms and do what they want.”

The show was originally created by the Duffer Brothers, but it was Eddie Munson who wrote most of the episodes in season 1. Munson started out as a writer on the viral app TikTok, before he began working on Stranger Things.

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