Tips To Make An Effective And Printer-Friendly Presentation

A question for you! Do you like to sit see those boring, lifeless presentation slides as an audience? Now can you imagine the pain of a person giving a presentation? You think that you are the only victim listening to the boring presentation but you are wrong here. The worst is for the one who is standing in front of everyone and giving this spiritless presentation. Here are some tips for you about presentation printing and making your presentation worthwhile. I know printing nowadays is not that popular but believe me you can make an interesting presentation when you focus on some things regarding design and printing.


Some tricks for effective presentation

Script: first things first

Before starting to write anything, little planning would go a long way. Presentations are mostly written on the PowerPoint without any kind of context or reason and that is way backward. Since you know the motive of your presentation, it is to convey what you are going to say to your audience. So, wouldn’t it be better to plan what you are intended to say to your audience first and then visualize it? Ensure that you have created a script that follows the pattern of storytelling and everything is in sequence.


Focus on one thing at one time

If you have four points on one slide your audience is not going to focus on what you are saying or telling them. They will be busy reading all four points rather than listening to you and waiting for you to catch up. So, it is important that you show one thing or one point at a time so that people will listen and concentrate on what you are trying to tell them.


Paragraphs are prohibited

Do you know why most presentations fail? Because the authors think putting everything that they want to say in a presentation is okay. But you are mistaken! You are actually killing people with boredom. Don’t display long paragraphs on the screen, nobody will be interested in reading long paragraphs. You can show some points to convey your message and for the other information, you can rely on presentation printing to do it’s job. You can hand that printed presentation to your audience and from there they can read the rest.


Design is the most important element

The trick to making your presentation look good is to keep it simple. Avoid using cheesy effects on your presentation that can ruin it’s professional form. Instead, you can use basic designs such as you can utilize a san serif font for the body text. San serif is way more than easy to read on the screen. However, if you want to use decorative fonts, you can only use them on the header only if they are easy to read. And you can put dark text on a light background. Also, you should avoid clutter.


Use images in a limit

People think differently when it comes to adding pictures to their presentations. Some people say pictures are good for engaging people and some say pictures are a mere distraction. So, in this case, you should select pictures wisely. You can add the kind of picture that can give some information. And if you are planning to print your presentation then think of the pictures that are not going to seem weird in printed form.


Tips for a printer-friendly presentation

Background color should be white

The first and the most important thing you need to ensure is that your background color is white. Presentations printing for branding may have templates where the background is colorful. Printing slides such as this consumes a lot of toners, and if you avoid that is better. If you are changing your background color to white, make sure that you have changed the colors of other elements or if they are still visible.


Master slide layouts should be cleaned

When changing your background color, make sure that you have also cleaned the master slide from any unimportant design items. However, you can also remove the logo or can change the background color of the footer to white with dark text.


The presentation shouldn’t contain large photos

When you are giving a presentation through slide, you can use large and bold pictures. But when we talk about presentation printing, you shouldn’t use very large pictures because they are going to look bad when printed.


Use white space

While decreasing the size of the pictures you are giving more and more space to other elements. And to be honest it seems good to look at because nobody likes or going to read the presentation stuffed with information.


You can also combine slides

When printing, you can combine slides if your slides contain a low amount of text and it is going to serve as a quick talking point.

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